We create bespoke events and effective training solutions that deliver results – acquiring clients, building relationships and engaging with employees

Our expert team takes care of every detail so that you can focus on your people


We ask clients challenging questions and listen carefully, to ensure all the information is assembled before we begin.


We document and share what we have learnt to be certain both parties are on the same page.



As part of our brainstorm and design process, we draw from multiple sources to produce a list of possible options for clients to choose from.


Once the planning is done, the detail is in place and the resources are lined up, we closely monitor the project to ensure things stay on track.

About Us

Event Management
2k Tiger was founded by Mrinal Madina in 2019 to deliver first-class events for clients. He has twenty years’ experience in event creation and management, from global sales training programmes to small-scale conferences. Mrinal also has specialist experience in running golf, cricket and charity events.
Successful events depend on the teams that create them. 2k Tiger boasts a hand-picked team of top-quality designers, event managers, developers and creatives who share a united passion for delivering outstanding results.

Training Solutions
2k Tiger’s event work led to contact with leading experts in the world of training and coaching. Designing and implementing training solutions has become another service area. Using 2k Tiger’s connections, experts in various disciplines can be brought in to deliver training tailored to individual company requirements.

Charities and Fundraising
Giving back is an important element in 2k Tiger’s values. 2k Tiger proactively raises funds for the Lord’s Taverners, the Variety Club and Shooting Star Chase. 2k Tiger’s own charity fundraising venture, the Felix Club, has donated more than £15,000 to good causes in the last four years.

Inspired by Champions
Inspired by elite performances in business and sport, Mrinal Madina created 2k Tiger to achieve record-breaking results for clients. The name 2k Tiger reflects Mrinal’s decision to take up golf in 2000. Golf and the concept of winning have energised Mrinal’s outlook on life.

Corporate events

The 2k Tiger team is passionate about designing and producing unique events for companies who are looking for something different.

Whatever your requirement – entertaining clients, developing new business, providing experiences to incentivise staff or business partners, we’ll create and deliver an outstanding event that your guests will long remember.

Our experience in event planning and management extends across the automotive, sport, manufacturing, property, finance, law, technology and charity sectors. We’ve worked with some of the biggest and best brands in the field, so we’re well placed to produce the right solution for you, whatever the budget.

Talk to us. You’ll find we’re perfect partners for your business and your event.

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Sporting Events

When you choose 2k Tiger to manage your sporting event, you are guaranteed a highly personal service, a creative approach, and close attention to detail.

We’ve been involved in organising sporting events for over 15 years and they are a real passion of ours.

Whatever the objective – entertaining clients, suppliers, partners and staff, or meeting potential clients, our aim is always to go above and beyond the norm. We focus on the details so that you can relax and concentrate on the important things – looking after your guests and enjoying a first-class experience.

Services we offer:

  • Venue selection
  • Theming and concept creation
  • Event management
  • Video production
  • Creative services – design and branding
  • Sourcing speakers and influencers


One of the most dangerous phrases we’ve heard in business is when people say they will ‘Keep on doing things the way they’ve always been done’.

Perfectly tailored solutions
The world is constantly changing and the business environment is more challenging than ever. This means there’s an even greater need for effective training solutions. 2k Tiger provides perfectly tailored solutions for clients who seek to strengthen, motivate and develop their workforce in demanding times.

Real impact
We start by analysing the challenges a business faces, so that the training solution will have real impact on the way the business operates. Managers are asked to identify where the need is greatest. Using specially commissioned and designed materials, they are then able to offer tangible support to colleagues.

What we do:

  • Understand the training needs of the workforce
  • Discuss and design possible solutions
  • Create engaging training materials (e-learning and offline)
  • Bring in appropriate experts to deliver the training
  • Project management
  • Assemble learning academies

Clients and Partners


2k Tiger Conversations: Interview with ex-England cricketer Owais Shah
We’ve had an amazing opportunity to ask the well-known ex-England cricketer Owais Shah a few questions about his career. Owais, a friend of 2k Tiger who attends our events, talked to us remotely in view of the present lockdown. Owais has enjoyed an admirable career which includes 71 One Day International appearances, 17 T20 matches for England, and a spell when he played successfully in the Indian Premier League.

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2k Tiger Conversation: The Face of Amateur Golf
On the 20th February at the One Golf Club Ryder Cup event at Walton Heath Golf Club we hosted Lloyd and Fiona of LloydiGolf, amongst others. While we all had a great day, we also took the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their relationship with the game of golf and their business. Referred to as the ‘Face of Amateur Golf’, Lloyd quickly mentioned that “golf is a difficult game to start with and not easy to end with” which I’m sure is very relatable to most who have played the game!

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GO Group Spring 2020 – Ikigai: The Power of Purpose
We could live to be 100. That’s around 30-35 years after we are supposed to retire.

Whether we do, how well we live our lives until then, and in whose company – all of these are likely to be affected by our actions now.

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2k Tiger Conversations: Festival of Business
Approaching quickly is Hounslow Festival of Business on the 27th February. Since we are attending the event which is gathering in celebration of the diverse business community here in London, we have interviewed Sally Smith and Alan Rides from Hounslow Chamber of Commerce about their company and the networking event.

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Are you reaching your full potential?
How many people or companies have you met that talk a great game and then let you down? I’m guessing it’ll be more than one. Their mantra is to close sales, hit targets and do whatever it takes to get people signing on the dotted line. I have nothing but respect for them and wish them well, although they will probably achieve their targets without my good wishes.

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Taborns turns 1! Just another city corporate event – why should you care?
You probably shouldn’t. After all, you’re very busy…

So why should you spend two minutes of your time reading about some start-up – time you could be using to do something rather more valuable? You might be planning how to deal with life after 31st October (oops, we aren’t mentioning that, are we!). Or you might be watching a video of a baby biting a toddler’s finger. Whatever your poison, It’s fine with me.

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GO Group Summer Meeting
Whilst the big event of the day was the Cricket World Cup semi-final at Old Trafford where India played New Zealand, almost as exciting was the GO Group’s Summer meeting at the Century Club in Soho, London.

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Just another dull and boring day at Lord’s Cricket Ground.
Cricket is dull and boring. That’s the view of so many people when you mention the sport. Our guests at the 6 Sixes day at Lord’s probably wouldn’t agree with that view, and I certainly wouldn’t, however, I could be a little biased.

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The GO Group Spring Meeting
On the day that Liverpool football club made one of the most impressive come backs in football history, beating Barcelona 4-0 to overturn their 3-0 deficit in the Champions League, a group of contacts from a wide range of sectors met to learn more from experts talking about the fascinating world of individual performance, creativity and the power of a brand at the Century Club, London.

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The Felix Cup 2019 – Battle at Burhill – presented by Crystal Sports Travel
On 4 April 2019 the first Felix Cup took place at the excellent Burhill Golf Club in Weybridge, Surrey. The event saw two teams of 16 compete in an 18-hole matchplay team duel consisting of amateurs versus professionals. The professionals, led by Colt Mackenzie McNair Director, Adam Keable, were worthy winners 5–3 in a closely-fought contest that took part on a cold and windy but largely dry day.

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The secret of winning at golf…and in life.
Is it about being lucky? Is it about preparation? Is it all about natural given talent? Does it help if you can drive a golf ball 320 yards off the tee? The answer is probably yes, with a big maybe:

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3 things I learned from ex-England rugby legend Lewis Moody
The luxury British watchmaker, Bremont, kindly invited myself and colleague David Keene to their Mayfair Boutique as part of the Adventurers Club series of events, where they bring an Ambassador or partner to share inspiring stories.

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Finally, the execution of a great business networking event has been mastered.
Business events can be notoriously dull, with endless PowerPoint slides and stale canapés. It was refreshing to be invited to an event on a different level completely with the Alpha Club. If you regularly organise events for clients, employees or partners, you will know getting it right takes meticulous planning and a creative outlook. The Alpha Club, however, proved that the perfect business event is an attainable venture.

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