21st Century Media Innovators At 2k Tiger Tech Network

The latest in our virtual networking series was themed around media tech, featuring three companies in the vanguard of media tech development. Our sponsors were Novus Tax, R & D tax credit specialists who help companies investing in innovation get money back from HMRC, and Moore Barlow, an award-winning law firm who help businesses with software IP, data protection and risk minimisation.

Roy Taylor is CEO of Ryff, specialists in rewriting the rules of product placement for 21st century audiences. He said, “The future of advertising is based on its contextual and cultural relevance: the brand is within the content, not around it. Social media sites are no longer the only game in town. Using AI and related technologies, a product can be virtually inserted into fully mastered and edited content within two hours. The virtual placement opportunities are limitless, creating new advertising audiences running into the tens of millions”.

Daniel Berg’s company, Next Up Comedy, offers the ultimate comedy platform, a specialist subscription platform in a video market worth £8bn and growing. They stream live comedy, so the magic of the Edinburgh Fringe is brought to you at home. Whereas the reach of stand-up comedy was restricted to basements and small venues, now it can reach millions. Daniel said, “The size of the market is huge, there are 50 million comedy fans out there and 30,000 comedians performing in 100,000 venues”.

S7ream are technical event production specialists. They have developed a fully integrated and customisable platform live streaming events directly from your website – no need to rely on Zoom! Shaun Hunter and Martina Margheri explained, “Live events can be converted into digital engagement, coded to individual users, who view it on a specially created microsite, designed and branded like your main website, tailored to your brief. The platform can upgrade to accommodate unlimited viewers, and for ticketed events, the revenue increase could be exponential”.

Our sponsors, John Warchus of Moore Barlow and Asif Hussain of Novus Tax, reassured us that their firms’ expertise is on hand to guide businesses, developing technical safeguards and tough new regulations and rewarding entrepreneurs with government tax reliefs.