Charity Events

Holding a charity event is a highly effective way of creating opportunities for charities to raise funds by raising their profile, through the development of an event that brings your network of clients, partners, employees and friends together. We have experience of working with charities from The Change Foundation to The Lord’s Taverners and have our own charity The Felix Club which raises funds for good causes. Why not let us help your company support a charitable cause by arranging a charity event? It’s a great way for your business to bring like-minded people together and have fun in a pleasant setting while giving back to those less fortunate.

Our planning process will cover –

  • Definition of cause and fundraising goal (not necessarily cash)
  • Target audience – Existing networks? Corporate potentials?
  • Theme, branding and content
  • Venue (and possible donor)
  • Speakers/ VIP reception
  • Entertainment/auction/prizes