James Shorey is the Vice-President of Actionstep, a smart, cloud-based practice management solution for future-focused law professionals. Actionstep is unique in being able to customize workflows to suit individual law practices through sophisticated case management, full accounting and intelligent time-tracking. As Vice-President, James provides strategic leadership for Actionstep’s UK and wider EMEA business, whilst also spearheading new business development and the expansion of the UK-based teams.

James met Mrinal Madina, 2k Tiger’s founder, through an introduction at a networking event. The rapport between them was immediate, and they realised there were opportunities for them to do some business together.



James’ principal goal, arising from the partnership with 2k Tiger, was to bring in new business opportunities, develop new connections and ultimately grow his legal networks. To meet these requirements, 2k Tiger agreed to set up a bespoke networking group for the legal sector and run regular events throughout the year, promoting the Actionstep brand and enabling James to engage with like-minded people.



Due to the Covid-19 situation, planned live events have had to be cancelled. However, 2k Tiger were quick to adapt and their decision to change to running virtual networks instead of live ones impressed James. He commented that 2k Tiger had been “Ahead of the game, running virtual networks that were unlike any others”. He said, “Their networks are engaging, fun and different. In addition, the execution was incredibly smooth”.

These virtual events have enabled James to meet new people, who have in turn become clients of Actionstep. He has been able to expand his network tenfold.