Agent & Homes


Rollo Miles is CEO of new property company, Agent & Homes.



Agent & Homes wanted a recruitment video that would act as a vehicle to attract new talent to their business and facilitate the early stages of an onboarding process for the company. The video would need to be informative, clear and concise and, importantly, it would need to be on brand. The company was also seeking introductions to appropriate people, as they were actively looking for investors in their next round of funding.



Ed Crowther said: “It wasn’t just the professional approach to filming on the day that impressed me immensely, it was the preparation that the 2k Tiger team put in prior to the day of the shoot. The fact that they understood our business and culture and knew what we are about as people, was key to the creation of a fantastic video. We as a company are incredibly proud of this achievement”.

The video was hugely positive for Agent & Homes and their relationship with 2k Tiger has advanced, with proposals already in place for future video content. Introductions to parties who may become investors have also been made, with a proposal in place for a live event to be held once Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Rollo Miles said: “Brand development advice, introductions to fantastic new contacts, planning our company bonding event and our promotional video – these are just a few things 2k Tiger have helped us with – the results have been first class and the projects 2k Tiger delivered are proving crucial in terms of driving our business to the next level.”
Rollo Miles, Director, Agent & Homes, Estate Agents

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