Kingfisher Sec


Ash Sanjenbam is the Owner and CEO of Kingfisher Sec, a business specialising in providing physical security in sectors such as retail and property. One of the main areas in which they operate is the events sector. However, due to the impact of Covid-19, the business started to struggle as many events up and down the country were cancelled. This meant they had to work on an alternative concept to ensure their business remained afloat. As a result, they came up with the idea of selling sanitiser stations through a new business, Woodnet Lifestyles.

Ash was favourably impressed by 2k Tiger’s CEO, Mrinal Madina, after meeting him at a Hounslow Chamber of Commerce networking event. He felt they would work well together and appreciated the 2k Tiger team’s extensive knowledge and expertise.



2k Tiger were brought in to provide marketing support and to help raise the profile of the sanitiser stations business across a three-month period. Woodnet Lifestyles had begun to promote its sanitiser station brand, Sani Station UK, across social media but this was in its infancy and there was a need for a campaign to drive engagement and growth. 2k Tiger supported Woodnet Lifestyles with focused marketing strategies, including paid-for marketing campaigns, email marketing, targeted advertising, creating social media content and making introductions to potential clients.



Social media engagement across Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram increased by 350%. The paid campaign which ran on Facebook achieved a reach of over 8k in the week commencing 17th August 2020 alone. Overall engagement on the Sani Station UK Instagram page increased by 23.5%, as part of which paid promotions achieved in excess of 12.5k connections.

Ash Sanjenbam said, “We have been successful in making a big noise, and this is entirely thanks to the work done by the 2k Tiger team”. He continued, “The 2k Tiger team became an extension of our Woodnet Lifestyles team. They were transparent in their communication at all times, maintaining a strong, positive relationship throughout the three-month campaign”.