The Lord’s Taverners


Tom Warner is the development manager for The Lord’s Taverners, a charity which focuses on giving young people a sporting chance, regardless of their disability or social background. Tom’s main role is to build strategic relationships with businesses, foundations and individuals, aligning the charity with their interests. It is essential that Tom and The Lord’s Taverners team can keep on meeting new people and cultivate ongoing relationships, as this enables them to continue their unbroken and vital support for thousands of young people.

Tom first met 2k Tiger founder Mrinal Madina at a British Lions networking event, where he was instantly impressed by Mrinal’s portrayal of the 2k Tiger vision. A partnership between the two businesses was quickly formed.



It was crucial for Tom that the partnership would enable him to build and grow the charity’s network. As a result, The Lord’s Taverners became a charity partner and was featured at 2k Tiger events. Tom wanted to raise awareness of the charity and to obtain a platform where he could get key messages about his campaigns communicated to decision makers within businesses. The fact that Tom would be able, not only to attend 2k Tiger events, but to speak at them too would be a key aspect of the partnership.



Tom said, “The 2k Tiger virtual networks made life through lockdown a much more productive experience. Having the opportunity to speak at these events has been crucial in extending our network, as well as learning from other people in business and engaging with knowledgeable and entertaining speakers”.

The partnership with The Lord’s Taverners continues to grow and Tom is particularly impressed that the 2k Tiger team is both fully on board with what the charity is all about, and continues championing the charity, even when he is not present.

The future looks bright, and 2k Tiger is committed to continuing to raise awareness of The Lord’s Taverners, while introducing Tom to key decision makers and featuring the charity at live events, once the Covid restrictions have been lifted.