How to play your part inspiring the next generation of sports stars
Cricket coaching
Ed Crowther Cricket Coaching event

What’s the secret of inspiring greatness in the next generation of sports stars?

Maybe there isn’t one. Maybe there’s a whole bunch of things we can do. I reflected on this and how businesses can help when attending a cricket coaching event with Ed Crowther of Agent & Homes recently.

The Cricket Champions event at Lord’s on Sunday 21st November was sponsored personally by Ed, a very generous act. He arranged for six junior cricketers to be invited to the Indoor Cricket School for a coaching session with Middlesex CCCEngland and Northern Superchargers wicketkeeper and batsman, John Simpson. To qualify, the juniors had to enter a competition by submitting a video of themselves playing and write a paragraph about why they wished to attend the session. The winning entrants were invited to have a two-hour coaching session with John, and enjoyed a Q&A session afterwards filled with excellent advice they can implement to enjoy the game and develop themselves as people.

My four key takeaways from the event:

  • For juniors – Practise on your own. Work hard on your game and on your fitness. Dream big and chase your dreams. Keep at your education too, because a sports star’s life may end quickly and there’s a long way to go afterwards.
  • For parents – Develop and encourage a love of the game in your child. Talk about what’s happening at the professional level. Keep things positive and find the right balance between firmness and empathy.
  • For professional sports stars – The demands you face are significant but find ways to give back. A couple of hours of your time here and there can have a lasting impact on young people’s lives. And you may just find it rewarding and enjoyable.
  • For business leaders – Find ways to give back to communities and charities through initiatives like this. It makes sense for businesses, as a way of creating goodwill, building relationships, and opening up opportunities that will inspire a new generation.

Will we have inspired the next Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Jos Buttler or John Simpson from this session? Only time will tell. But Ed, John and I were delighted to have taken part and made a small difference to the lives of these aspiring cricketers.

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