How does your company work? If we brief you on a project, how would it be executed from start to finish?

We’ll set up a discovery call to understand your requirements. We believe in having shared values with clients and will be honest with you about what is and isn’t possible. You may not always get the answer you want, but it will be based on our best judgement and in both our long-term interests. If the project is a good fit between us, we can advise you on costs, timescales and next steps in a written proposal.

We want to review company strategy for the next year/longer ahead – what do you need from us in order to guide your thinking and provide a proposal?

Our approach to helping your business grow through strategy will involve taking in as much information as you can provide and as far ahead as possible. This could include a business plan, company prospectus, social media feeds or other documents. We will take a thorough look at everything you’ve given us, review the competition and research your sector before meeting with you to discuss how we can set up strategy workshop sessions.

We would like to create a product/event video – can you help and how would the process work?

We’ll study your brief and ask you a series of questions around what you require, why and who you want to reach, and where the video should be filmed. We’ll suggest possible venues and who will be involved from our side, then send you a costed proposal and time plan. Videos can range considerably in price, so if you‘re in a position to provide a budget and timescale expectations, we can provide you with the appropriate information.

We need a social media campaign for a product/service launch: how would you set up and manage it?

We’ll look at your goals and research your products/services, picking out the key points. We’ll also analyse industry competitors before providing a list of recommendations for your campaign, including media channels, frequency, messaging themes.

We want to develop a new suite of marketing materials – can you provide design and content services? In what other ways can you help?

We need as much information as possible about what you’re looking for, styles you like, what you’ve done before, and will look at other industry examples. We’ll assemble a team who will deliver superior design and content. We also have access to various experts in the field who may be brought in to help.

I’m looking for a venue for a major company event and would like ideas. Can you help and what information do you need from us?

We’ll set up a discovery call and note your requirements. We’d advise that the venue search is undertaken as early as possible – 6-12 months is not uncommon. As well as the venue, speakers and suppliers for catering, music, entertainment etc need to be booked well ahead. We can access suppliers and venues to suit all budgets.

We would like to hold a team-building event – how can you help us set it up and what input do you need from us?

We’ll look at all aspects, from your core goal for the event, logistics (including transport, timings, communications and more), catering, entertainment – to the programme and team-building activities. We’ll provide a list of options and budgets, based on managing all external providers. We’ll do the hard work so you can focus on your team and getting the most from the event.

We would like to arrange a round table event with industry experts – can you source experts in our sector and how would you advise us to proceed?

We have access to a range of experts across industry sectors and can tailor speaker content to suit the brief. The invitees should be of a similar seniority, so they feel able to speak freely because they are at the same level. We’ll project manage the event, including sending out invitations and following up afterwards.

I would like to take one of your Academy courses – how do I choose the best one for my needs? What do I need to do to book a place?

There are currently three course levels – student, young professional (ages 21-25) and entrepreneur. Our process begins with inviting you to a webinar to find out more. After that, you can decide if this is something you wish to pursue.

We would like to hold a sports-related event: what are the key issues we need to bear in mind?

Key aspects will include finding good speakers, choosing a suitable venue and designing the content for the event. We have strong links within the golf, cricket, rugby and football worlds which may be helpful.

We would like advice on running a charity event to advance our CSR objectives – how can you help us with this?

We can help you with strategy and planning and provide ideas for the type of event you might hold. We can help with links to potential charity partners, and with organising format and content, as well as delivering the event on the day.

We would like to set up a business club for professionals in our sector – how would you advise us to do this and what steps are involved?

From our experience, it’s best to start from a low base and build up gradually. It is a long-term project and results won’t happen overnight. We would also suggest adjusting your expectations based on the types of people who will be attracted to a new venture/community. We’ll need to know who you’re looking for and what problems you want to solve, then create content and design events that attract those people and address those problems.

We would like to set up an online networking event – if you were involved, how would this work from technical / organisational standpoints?

We are very experienced in setting up online events, and they are relatively easy to set up and low on costs and logistics. You can go global, but you need to think about the type of event you want – a Zoom meeting with 30 participants, a webinar where you only see the speakers, or a larger conference. We have access to tech specialists to suit the complexity of the event, and we’ll ensure there are no last-minute tech issues, so that you can focus on your guests.

We are looking at maximising business growth over the next 5 years with a view to selling the business – how can you help us to achieve the best outcome?

To support a potential business sale and exit, we would bring in our team of experts to analyse where you are now, where you would like to go, and how quickly you can achieve it. In addition, we would ascertain what resources, time commitment and internal processes are needed to achieve your goals. One of the best ways of growing a business is through holding client engagement events. At such events, you bring together clients, suppliers, partners and staff and connect with them in greater depth on a regular basis.

How do your charges work? Once we accept your quotation, are there stage payments and how does that work?

Our fees depend on the nature of the project – for example, if it’s an event, we will take a deposit; if it’s a video project we’ll ask for 50% upfront and 50% on completion. Whatever the arrangement, we’ll ensure our costs are clear at the outset. Satisfaction is guaranteed: our aim is to deliver successful outcomes that help you grow your business and retain happy clients.