Growing Participation In Golf

Felix Club

Felix Cup Professional Team

During the past few months, we’ve been working hard to try and replicate networking which takes place on the golf course in our virtual events. This event featured a discussion with industry expert Colin Bell on the modernisation of the game. A number of golf professionals and club managers attended, as well as golfers. A key challenge is to help more people adore the game, not just like it; those inside the sport are best placed to assist with this. Colin, formerly of the R & A, gave us an interesting behind-the-scenes view of this prestigious golfing organisation.

The R & A develop golf across the world in a discreet, efficient and professional manner. They distribute grants to assist this development, encouraging new groups to get involved, including women, juniors, and people from other countries. Growing the game is a major priority and modernisation is what the game needs. A key issue is the limiting rules and regulations preventing participation. Golf is expensive to play, from equipment to memberships and much else. It has been male-dominated, and Colin said the R&A has taken steps to modernise its team, with new initiatives being put in place, including new formats, and the introduction of graduated and part-time memberships.

Golf provides so many opportunities, in ways that you may not imagine. From teaching you about etiquette and honesty, to revealing your character when the chips are down – the game is incredible. Add to that the beautiful courses you can play on, the people you meet, the charities that benefit, the friends you can make – it is addictive. Once you get over the initial few months or years of learning, it is a gift that keeps on giving.