Innovative PropTech Propositions Impress PropDen Audience

2KTiger Scale Space

Our first PropDen event, held at Scale Space White City on 16th March, saw over 30 guests including investors, start-ups, and professional service companies meet some of the movers and shakers in the proptech industry. The event gave the audience an opportunity to listen to two start-up companies in the sector present their business propositions in a bid to attract funding.

First, however, the audience listened to our guest speaker, Chris Walkey, the Founder of Estate Agent Networking and A Glass of Bubbly, as he shared some of the secrets behind his success. Chris has built up a large community of estate agents, connecting with around 100,000 across his various social channels and website.

2KTiger Scale Space

He described the challenge of starting out with almost zero capital and learning organically how to build up a platform for suppliers and buyers in the industry to meet one another. Chris faced many lessons, failures and difficult moments before he achieved success. He commented, “It’s hard to describe what I have built as a success, because there’s so much more I would like to do”. His constant desire to push forward and improve has seen him replicate his success in the property sector in the champagne and sparkling wine industry, another very traditional and close-knit community.

Our first start-up presenter was Vedran Radović, CEO of Revvis. A native Croatian speaker, Vedran gave an excellent presentation, which showcased Revvis’s interactive 3D platform, which uses smart technology to offer personalised virtual tours around any property. The platform, which is both highly interactive and scaleable, enables users to explore and understand built spaces as never before.

2KTiger Scale Space

Our second start-up presenter, Dr Sayinthen Vivekanatham, CEO of Homey, spoke about how they are aiming to disrupt the conveyancing market with a unique proposition that reduces the time taken to buy a property from months to days. Homey have a strong team and are looking at a huge market for their proposition, which could save purchasers thousands of hours and help avoid the collapse of large numbers of property transactions.

PropDen is 2k Tiger’s new platform, designed to help start-ups with fundraising, pitch development, presentation skills training, brand awareness and client acquisition. We welcome the opportunity to speak to other companies in the property sector who are looking for support in these areas.