Opening The Door To New Business Through Virtual Events

Hounslow and West London Local Chamber Awards

What can you do to give your business the best chance of survival? There are things each of us can do to strengthen our businesses and improve resilience. Firstly, you need to be ready to adapt: do you have products or services that could be presented differently? Being able to pivot your business, using its core attributes and processes and offering them in alternative formats may open doors you had not considered or been aware of previously.

One simple yet effective way of doing this is through events. In the age of lockdown, many previously live events have become virtual. 2k Tiger has developed a formula for creating successful virtual networking events in sectors such as finance, law, technology, cricket, rugby and golf. Strong links have also been formed with business organisations like the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce. We’re working with them on the forthcoming Regeneration Conference and Business Awards – great events for establishing connections with clients. We’ve also held a virtual event jointly with the Chamber, bringing in experts from the worlds of sport and business to help members learn from business leaders and elite sports figures.

Business development is something many businesses find hard to do, yet it’s never been more necessary than now. In running events, you connect with others and raise your profile simultaneously, attracting potential clients. You need to develop a mindset focused on growth and continuous learning; be open to new ways of doing things and have an optimistic outlook; build a solid team around you to deliver on all fronts; take on challenges and accept calculated risks or you will not grow.

To see a full video of the event, click here.