2k Tiger Academy

A Premium Course for Entrepreneurs

The 2k Tiger Academy enables successful entrepreneurs to rise to the next level of their business networking journey. You will learn how to build rapport and form valuable professional connections that are meaningful, long-lasting, and help build your business.

The Academy is innovative in its approach. Our premium course, What They Think of You, features subject experts in areas such as leadership development, sales training, business development skills, influencing techniques and more. Our rigorous selection process means you will be in the company of comparable business peers and professionals.

Practical tools and techniques will ensure you can implement the skills we teach and are constantly on track for greater success through superior networking activities. The modules will include sessions on understanding yourself, understanding your market and relevant research required, the tools (events, bespoke events, content), and scale (systems and processes, team development, dealing with success).

The course will be through an online programme that students work through individually or via group sessions with a facilitator. The course will run for 8 weeks. There will be access to resources and video and audio content.

An option to join a membership group afterwards is available.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Course Options for Young Professionals and Students

Our What They Think of You course is also available in shorter online versions tailored to the needs of young professionals and students.

For young professionals, the course will help you build your personal profile so that you are well-placed to start developing your network, and you will benefit from tips and techniques designed to enhance your reputation with colleagues and other professional contacts.

For students, the course will help you plan for future success by providing insights, ideas and knowledge that will spur you on in your career journey.

There will be options to join a suitable membership group at the end of each course.

Want to Know More?

For more information about our What They Think of You course, and details of how to book, go here.