Event Management

“The number one thing that has made us successful by far is the obsessive-compulsive focus on the customer”– Jeff Bezos

It is a fact that you can only handle so many business relationships before the personal connection breaks down.

At 2k Tiger, we understand that time is limited. The day-to-day running of your business dominates your priorities. Your focus is on finding more and more clients to sustain growth.

This may mean you end up neglecting the needs of your current clients. Or you’re worried that a long-term partnership will fall through, so you’ve got to hunt for new  eads.

What if we told you that reinvesting small amounts of time and money to show your current clients how much you appreciate them could grow your business even more than constantly searching for more clients?

You can’t run a business without people. And events bring people together. Clients, employees, investors, partners, and suppliers – all are your representatives. They are your ambassadors.

That’s where 2k Tiger’s event management services come in. We ensure that every aspect of your event is expertly covered, allowing you to focus on building business relationships that deliver for you over the long run.

We offer bespoke events including:

  • Client Engagement Events – build solid relationships in a relaxed environment
  • Conferences – bring experts together to provide unique educational value
  • Staff Events – show your staff you value them and build a team that’s dedicated to your business
  • Charity Events – share your enthusiasm with your clients and unite behind a worthy cause

We match our hand-picked team to your aims. Our specialists cover:

  • Strategy and Planning – event development, timing, venue suggestions and proposals tailored to our clients’ needs
  • Design – creation of themes and concepts to make your event stand out
  • Content – development of presentations, video, invitations, microsites and more

2k Tiger supplies everything your event needs to succeed.

Our packages start from £1,000 + VAT.

Get in contact today to receive a personalised quote for your event.